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With more than 50 analysts, UniCredit Research provides high-quality macroeconomic and financial market analysis to support clients in the development of investment plans, strategic and tactical asset allocation of financial investments, security selection and risk management.

Global Head of CIB Research

Erik F. Nielsen
Group Chief Economist
Global Head of CIB Research
+44 207 826-1765

Macro Research

The Macro Research team analyzes and forecasts macroeconomic developments and trends in the G10 and major emerging markets. Our key areas of expertise are the eurozone and EEMEA, where UniCredit is the undisputed leader. We provide high-quality analysis through a strong and diversified publication range and products tailored to the needs of our clients.

Economics Chartbook

Economics Chartbook - Recovery strengthens, price pressures won’t last (3Q21)

Strategy Research

The Strategy Research team provides our clients with insights into all major asset markets, as well as investment strategies. Our key areas of focus are European FX, FI, credit and equity markets. We add value with high-quality analysis, fundamental framework, quantitative tools and trading recommendations.


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Credit Research

The Credit Research team provides bottom-up coverage of European corporates and financials and of selected non-European issuers, including major developments across all sectors. Another key responsibility is to provide aligned customer services (issuers, investors) for primary and secondary markets. Among others, product areas also covered by Credit Research include green bonds, Schuldschein loans and securitization.

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